GBuilder is a BIM-based solution for the real estate builders. It digitalizing the homebuyer’s customer journey from the first contact to sales, material optionality and home configuration, building process and after-sales period. Creating benefits for all stakeholders in the project.

More upselling, increased profits! Less manual work, fewer mistakes!
Provide a better customer experience!


How to manage material optionality and configurations

How to present options. How to manage, update and distribute the information.

How to increase profits

How to upsell more, how to present transparent and accurate pricing, how to manage extra work requests.

How to avoid mistakes

How to accurately and correctly record information and make sure it is available to all stakeholders. How to make sure updates are received in real-time.

How to be more customer centric

How to provide a better customer experience. How to make sure customer feels secure about making decisions. How to make them feel they are a part of a transparent project.

How to decrease manual work in the building process

How to get the most out of limited human resources. How to automate data management and distribution, how to automate quantity and pricing calculations, how to create accurate material purchase orders and distribute them to suppliers.

GBuilder has open API and integrates to your existing systems and databases

Price: Starting from 500BDT/Apartment

Please contact : Zularbine Kamal

Phone: +8801715149996