Floor plan 2D & 3D

Scan or take a photo of your floor plan and send us. We will send you floor plan in 2D and 3D format. 

Tools used:

Google SketchUp


Any size of floor plan with the specification provided by the customers.

Out put: 2D, 3D and SKP file



We have experienced floor plan producers and QC engineers from Civil and Architecture background.


Number of QC personnel: 4

Floorplan Producers: 10



We have different pricing model for the floor plan.

Up to 500 hm2 = 10 USD or 9 EURO



Get free floor plan!

Submit your source floor plan and get 2D and 3D output in your email in 2 working days. Your first order is completely free!


Sample work:


Size: 1606 hm2


Sample work:


Size: 769 hm2